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Crucial User Management and Analytics Features for Employee Apps

Discover the user management and analytics features of a truly admin-friendly employee app.

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Smart Search and Navigation Drive Employee App User Adoption

Discover the smart search and navigation features needed to drive employee app user adoption and retention.

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Top Ten Security Considerations for Employee Apps

Creating your own branded employee app is a great way to both ensure compliance with your company's cybersecurity goals and drive user adoption by allaying employee privacy concerns. Learn what to have in mind to secure your employee app.

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How Can In-App Engagement Highlight your Employee App?

Employees need feedback options to engage with their colleagues and superiors. It is essential to allow them to feel like they are in control by offering productive space for sharing and expressing their feelings.

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How Chat Can Boost Your Employee App

Discover hands-on insights for boosting your employee app with the right chat features and notification settings.

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How Does Employee App Promote Knowledge with Convenience?

Many studies show that workers spend an average of 20% of their working time searching for information....

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How Can Unique Targeted Content Help with the Popularity of Employee App?

Targeting content helps employers to effectively reach employees and create engagement...

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