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Crucial User Management and Analytics Features for Employee Apps

As an employee app administrator, you will be responsible for creating and assigning users within your organization. After successfully onboarding users, you will need to ensure that your user base stays up-to-date, views content they need to see and are satisfied with the internal communications in the app.

This can be challenging if you don't have the right tools and features at your disposal, especially if you have a large user base in your employee app. Discover the user management and analytics features needed to get the right information to the right people in your employee app.

Stay in control with smart user management features

Employees are easily annoyed when they are bombarded with irrelevant information. For instance, employees in one region don't want to hear about a power outage or some other specific news in another region. Similarly, you may need to remind all employees in a certain business unit to report their hours without confusing or bothering other employees.

Without smart features and a certain degree of automation, you could pull your hair out trying to manually keep track of which employees are which. Make your life as administrator easier by ensuring your employee app has the following user management features:

Quick and easy search filters

You should be able to apply quick and easy search filters to keep track of the user base and identify certain relevant groups of users. 

Automatic grouping with tags

Creating user groups manually can be very tedious. Instead, you should be able to group users automatically based on tags. Importing tags in CSV format from other applications is also important. These tags will determine which employees are included or excluded from a given group. Additionally, you should be able to easily deactivate or remove users in the event of temporary absences or permanent offboarding.

Broad import/export options

Tags aren't the only employee information you will want to import into your employee app. Given that many companies do not have integrated employee repositories, employee data may be stored in a variety of different systems. This means that you'll want to be able to import data from multiple systems so you can easily get it all into your employee app.

CSV exports, LDAP integrations and a client REST API are some of the best ways to import and export data between other servers and your employee app.

Profile editing features

It should be possible to specify profile fields to either automatically include specific details or have manual input options. You should also be able to restrict the automatic inclusion of certain information in order to comply with company data protection policies.

Roles and privileges

Your employee app should enable you to securely delegate tasks to the right people within the platform in compliance with company data protection policies. You should also be able to restrict access to content through integrated roles and rights management.

Learn what works with smart analytics features

Ragan's 2019 Internal Communications Measurement Survey Results found that 73% of respondents who are not satisfied with their internal communications measurement cited a lack of tools as the main reason. Additionally, the same report reveals that one third of the internal communications practitioners surveyed do not measure their communications at all.

In light of this research, you'll want to ensure your employee app has the right analytics tools to make measuring your internal communications easy and effective. Look out for the following analytics features that will help you learn what is working and what isn't:

Compliant user experience tracking

You should be able to track user behavior in the app in an anonymized manner to gain insights into the user experience without breaching data protection policies. This can help you determine where navigation could be improved or what type of additional training might help make how to use the app clearer.

Real-time graphical reports

The dashboard in your admin panel should always show you up-to-date, ready-to-use reports on app usage. These well-designed graphical reports should make it easy and fun to stay on top of KPIs instead of a tedious chore like with reports that must be manually created from complex raw data.

Smart report parameter filtering

Do you need to see which employees completed a to-do or who hasn't responded to a reminder? How about the percentage of all employees who responded to a pulse survey or the percentage within a specific user group? The user management grouping and tagging features described above provide an outstanding foundation for report parameters. just make sure your employee app is designed to easily and effectively filter them and the possibilities will be endless. 

Create your admin-friendly employee app

Don't settle for an employee app that makes administration difficult and leaves you in the dark. The right user management and analytics features can make all the difference in helping you stay on top of how your employee app is being used. And the point is not to be a passive observer but to add value by continuously improving your internal communications and making them increasingly personalized.

Discover the endless possibilities with a truly admin-friendly employee app and get your demo of Teamvate today.

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