Manage the employee journey

Attract, onboard, retain and train your talent throughout the whole lifecycle.

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Manage the employee lifecycle

Manage the whole employee lifecycle digitally from one place. Build effective onboarding and talent training programs.

1. Attract new talent

Invite your potential candidates into your employee app universe and tell them your story. Automate the process and manage them centrally from the back office.

  • Pre-onboarding
  • Recruitment platform integrations

2. Build targeted onboarding tracks

Make onboarding effective and targeted. Personalize the experience and get them on the brand wagon.

  • Onboarding tracks
  • Personalized
  • Automated
  • First impressions last

Train & retain

People development ishard to do. We make it easy with targeted learning and tools to put training materials in the pockets of every employee.

  • Microlearning
  • Goal-based
  • Behavior-driven
  • Group and individual training

Never stop perfecting

We make it easy to do performance reviews and follow upon data to improve engagement.

  • Performance reviews
  • People analytics
  • Pulse surveys
  • and much more.....

Reuse conversations & content

Everyday great content is produced that can be used for training. We make it easy to reuse it in your company academy.

Make your staff commit

With the commitment feature you can make your staff commit to goals and share with their colleagues.

  • Onboarding & offboarding programs
  • Digital courses
  • Achievements
  • Integration with existing tools

Manage change more effectively

An employee app with integrated e-learning enables you to train your staff and successfully manage change within your organization.
High ROI on UGC
Train deskless
ISO training
HSSE training
Leadership training

We helped Posten in Norway with
security awareness training

See how Bring trained their staff
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