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How Does Employee App Promote Knowledge with Convenience?

Anton Nilsson

Many studies show that workers spend an average of 20% of their working time searching for information they need to do their jobs properly. Journals or records make critical details easily accessible.
These are best suited to hold static data as these support different content styles and can be structured even more than comments or notifications. While looking for data, pages and records are intuitive to users. Every good employee app should offer the following pages or options to their users:

Enticing Landing Pages

You can build and configure different start pages for authentication, specific rooms, files, etc. This improves navigation. The landing page should be able to guide the user with ease.

Text, Video and Other Engaging Elements
The app should offer user-friendly content with versatile media options. The vocabulary of digital communication is rich information. Administrators may build or connect rich content widgets to static material with multimedia tools, like images, videos, photo sliders, and more.

Personalize and Easy-to-Manage Folders

Easily create structures and organize documents so that it's just convenient and the knowledge remains structured during the usage.

How Can Structured Navigation and Features Enhance the App?
Information comes in different shapes and sizes that can be accommodated by a device by providing information in different formats. To insure that workers don't forget anything, the following features are essential:

KPI Measurement Dashboard

Indicators of corporate performance or the progress of specific activities may easily be presented in a dashboard.

Calendars and Maps

Inform employees of upcoming events, and help workers locate destinations in their region and around the globe.

In-house Directory

Develop a phonebook of workers that contains vital contact information so employees can communicate more quickly to each other.

How Do External Sources Help with Employee App?

Companies often store information in the digital workplace with numerous software tools and sources. An employee app is designed to provide convenient access to the information that employees need, requiring them to be able to include information that already resides in other systems. The following features help with secure access of external or hidden content.

In-App Page Access

To shorten the path to employee information, load an external website directly into your app. This will save their time and increase productivity of your employees.

External Linking

Attach external links to the workplace app list, making it easy for staff to connect to other sources to find the data they want.

What Is the Takeaway Here?

There is decentralized technical information. The type of information that is particularly relevant and useful for local employees is generally lacking in central communication.
The only exception to this principle is a list of staff, which provides the entire organization with valuable knowledge and can be communicated by internal communications. An effective platform should be able to create and organize information digitally for your employees.

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