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The Importance of Brand Recognition for a Successful Employee App

Anton Nilsson

Research from Simform found that the average number of apps people have installed on their smartphone is 40, but 89% of the user's time is split between just 18 of these. This makes achieving strong brand recognition essential to standing out from the crowd and driving user adoption for your employee app..

In comparison to generally-branded third-party apps, users are much more inclined to download an app with a strong connection to their organization. Branded employee apps have higher initial download rates, leading to higher user adoption from day one. Consider the following essential features and specifications for a branded employee app:

Custom logos

For the app icon or GUI, you should be able to use your current logo or create a new one that represents a specific product.

Unique domain name

The domain name is important for brand recognition. Therefore, you should have the choice of using your own domain name.

Engaging landing page

You should be able to customize the pages displayed upon entering the app to meet your needs. This is a good way to build brand recognition for the company and ensure the best user experience.

Typography and fonts

Being able to select a specific font for the app or use existing company fonts is important for making your employee app feel like home for your employees and boosting brand recognition.

Unique icons

Tailored icon scanning also helps enhance brand recognition while demonstrating that you go to the extra mile to give your employees their own branded app rather than a generic third-party app.

Memorable colors

Colors play an important role in the success of a company or application. In fact, research by the University of Loyola, Maryland found that color improves brand recognition by up to 80%. Therefore, you should explore ways to integrate your distinctive colors whenever possible and choose a branded employee app with good color customization options.

Subsidiary-specific branding

Distributed corporations sometimes have brand-owned subsidiaries. Company employees usually identify with these subsidiaries more than the parent company. As a result, successfully introducing employee apps where subsidiaries have their own workspaces with their specific branding is a solid best practice.

Your employee app brand recognition checklist

If you want your employee app to be successful and enticing, make sure that it reflects your company’s vision and engages users with a great user interface and experience. It should be fit for purpose while breaking the traditional monotonous feel of a company app.

Use the following checklist to recap the key features to look for and focus on to drive brand recognition with a branded employee app:

  • Customized app logo
  • Custom domain name
  • Engaging landing page
  • Unique typography and fonts
  • Tailored icons
  • Memorable and company-specific colors
  • Subsidiary-specific branding

Don't settle for anything less than a truly branded employee app

Companies with a strong talent brand sees a 43% decrease in expenses per new hire, according to LinkedIn's article "LinkedIn Data Proves the Impact of a Strong Talent Brand". A branded employee app also cuts advertising and marketing costs while enhancing the user experience and boosting brand recognition.

While custom colors, logos and similar aspects certainly play a part in the look and feel of a branded app, a truly branded employee app is so much more. It's not just a third-party app with a few minor customizations. It's an employee app with a unique feel and a consistent user experience where your brand stands out and your employees feel right at home.

Learn more about how to create your truly branded employee app with Teamvate today.

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