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"We reduced the gap between top leadership and employees" - CEO Tom Ingulstad

VY (previously NSB)

VY saved almost €1 million just in printing costs

The Challenge: Reaching the deskless employees

Norwegian state railway operator VY (formerly NSB) was having trouble reaching all their employees. Together with IMG_Nord, they set out to change the way they communicate with all their deskless employees. The project started out with defining how to use formats and what type of media to use. A major factor for success was to move from a news-driven method of internal communications to a behavioral-driven concept. To be able distribute and reach all non-desk workers, they concentrated on mobile devices. They distributed devices to all employees and optimized the video and delivery for mobile devices.

The results are striking:

  • 12,000 Reduced calls to operations center per month
  • 40% Reduction in "stopping errors"
  • 54% Diff between weekly vs non-users on leadership comm. effectiveness
  • 28% Diff between weekly vs non-users on open comm. culture
  • 34% Diff. between weekly vs non-user change comm. effectiveness
  • 1m Euro in reduced print costs per year
  • 88% average usefulness of content (12 months)

Watch the case study video:

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