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"We reduced the gap between top leadership and employees" - CEO Tom Ingulstad

VY (previously NSB)

VY saved almost €1 million just in printing costs

The Challenge: Reaching the desk-less employees

Norwegian state railway operator VY (former NSB) had a problem to reach all their employees. Together with IMG_Nord they set out to change the way they communicate to all their desk-less employees. The project started out with defining how to work with formats and what type of media to use. A major factor for the success was to move from a news driven method of internal communication to a behavioural driven concept. To be able distribute and reach all non-desk workers they used concentrated on mobile devices. They handed out devices to all the employees and optimised the video and delivery for mobile devices.

The results are striking:

  • 12 000 Reduced calls to operations center per month
  • 40% Reduction of "stopping errors"
  • 54% Diff between weekly vs non-users on leadership comm. effectiveness
  • 28% Diff between weekly vs non-users on open comm. culture
  • 34% Diff. between weekly vs non-user change comm. effectiveness
  • 1m Euro in reduced print cost per year
  • 88% average usefulness of content (12 months)

Watch the case video:

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