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Swedish security company streamlines internal comms with Teamvate


Employee apps to keep people safe

Why emailing was not an option and texting didn't work

Email was not an option for Bevakningsgruppen given that its employees are often out in the field performing security guard assignments. This left the security guard company with text messaging for internal communications such as shift management and onboarding. But this proved increasingly inefficient, as it was difficult to keep track of who had seen which information and whether they had seen it at the right time. As a result, Bevakningsgruppen was looking for a better way of managing internal communications. The criteria for a new solution included:

  • Mobile-first and app-centric  
  • Simple and streamlined onboarding and shift management
  • Distribute with push notifications (email-free)
  • Digitize document processes
  • Social exchange
  • Manage the organization from one central interface

Improved shift management and onboarding

Teamvate's employee growth platform met all these criteria and was deployed easily, with the first prototype up and running within one week. With its own branded employee app, Bevakningsgruppen has found it significantly easier to drive employee engagement and manage internal communications. Now, employees recieve information about an open shift faster and easier and can also see when it has been filled instantly. This saves time for Bevakningsgruppen's managers.

In the security guard industry, there are a large number of temporary workers and employee turnover. This makes efficient onboarding essential, and Bevakningsgruppen has been able to get employees up and running faster with Teamvate. Data security is also a consideration given that some security assignments may be sensitive, and an employee app enables Bevakningsgruppen to have peace of mind compared to texting.

The results of Bevakningsgruppen employee app deployment included:

  • Decreased onboarding time
  • Streamlined shift management
  • Simpler and more secure internal communications
  • Improved employee engagement

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